Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Warm Apple Slaw

I found this recipe in a parenting magazine. I had seen Bob's team on Biggest Loser make something similar in a cooking challenge (and it happened to be the winning dish) so I had to try it. The cabbage and apples worked well together, and complimented the grilled pork chops perfectly.

The best part of this recipe, aside from being low-calorie, is that it didn’t take much time to make - and if you buy a bag of shredded cabbage there is very little prep work. Great for a week night!

1 tsp margarine
1 or 2 tbsp olive oil
1 apple, cored and cut into 12 slices (they said to peel it but I didn’t)
1 medium onion
1 lb shredded cabbage
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
3/4 cup chicken stock
Salt and pepper to taste (they also said to add caraway seeds but I didn’t have any so I left them out)

Melt a small amount of butter or margarine in a frying pan. Add the apple and brown a couple minutes on each side (don’t overcook – should still be firm). When those are done, transfer them to a plate.

Add small amount of oil to pan and sauté onion.  Add cabbage and cook for another minute or so. Add apple cider vinegar and chicken stock and season with salt and pepper. Cook for about 5 minutes until the liquid has reduced and the cabbage is tender. Add the apples and serve immediately.

Recipe adapted from Canadian Family magazine.

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